Something’s Afoot

Something fun has been happening this summer. Something that hasn’t happened since the year my husband and I got married. The Orioles are having a winning season and we are loving it.

Winning more than half their games for the first time in 15 years makes us happy. That there’s even a possibility they’ll be in the playoffs this year brings out a little giddiness in us. I think I might be in love with Buck Showalter for breathing a little hope back into the souls of us Oriole fans.

The other night, we were able to finally take our kids to a game at Camden Yards. It was their first time going—we had to take out a second mortgage on our house to afford the food, but it was worth the trip. The girls loved being part of the crowd cheering on the O’s. We danced, we sang, we “charged”, we clapped, we cheered, we enjoyed our time together. The feeling in the crowd was electric. I think our kids are Oriole fans for life now.

One inning, when one of the guys hit a single, the word “single” flashed up on the board. The young one started jumping up and down and yelling to me, “Mommy, he’s single, he’s single!” I’m not sure why she was so excited about that when her father, my husband, was sitting right there. The older one, on the other hand, spent a good deal of time mimicking the announcer. She did a pretty good job of it too.

One thing I don’t understand is why we always end up sitting right next to that one person who obnoxiously roots for the other team. If you want to root for your [cough] loser [cough] team, that’s fine. But do you have to be so grumpy and unpleasant about it? You are surrounded by families with young children and you’re at Camden Yards, one of the nicest ball parks around. Have a little fun while you’re here, won’t you?

Anyway, I’m also happy that the Nationals are doing well and clinched a playoff spot. It helps that I am fond of their manager, Davey Johnson. He was manager during that last winning season for the Orioles, who, as I’ve mentioned, haven’t done so well in the years since he left. While not likely as yet, a Nationals/Orioles World Series would be so much fun to experience, especially with the possibility—maybe, hopefully, oh please let me—of going to a game.

Yes, we’ve enjoyed watching our Birds this year. There is something very cathartic about watching this team we love finally break through to victory. Even if they don’t clinch a playoff spot, they have shown heart where there has been none for a long time. They fought through, winning 16 of 18 extra-inning games. They didn’t act defeated this season.

Don’t we love seeing the same thing in people that we love? We watch our friends and family, even ourselves, struggle for so long and then something changes. We don’t act defeated anymore, we continue to push through to the end without giving up. We finally get victory.

What’s the difference? I suggest that it comes from finally buying into what our “manager” claims is true. We weren’t created to be defeated or to live whole lives in defeat. If we just take on His view, we can and will be more than conquerors—and we actually begin to believe it. We will no longer give up as easily. Sure, we’ll lose a few times, but this will no longer convince us that we deserve it. We can’t let the rude guy in the crowd ruin the fun, now is our time for a winning season.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

what do you think?

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