Random Vol. 1

This spring, a niece and a nephew graduated from college, another niece graduated from high school and my sister finished her Master’s. Yay! Congratulations! So proud of you all.

• • •

While watching the Orioles vs. Nats, my daughter asked which team we root for. Why is this even a question? Where, oh where, have I failed her? Orioles always, dear one.

Speaking of: Thank you Orioles for making it so I didn’t have to write you a break-up letter. I guess my letter to the Redskins got you thinking that maybe you too could lose me. I’ve adored you forever, so I appreciate you taking any possible, however unlikely, break-up scenario seriously. So far so good this year—keep up the good work guys. Now, I don’t mean to be picky, but do you think you could wrap up the win in less innings? It’s kinda hard to stay awake to see you finally win in the 15th inning.

• • •

I think kids should be allowed personal days off from school, without penalty. Education is very important blah, blah, blah—but it’s not the end all, be all in life. Oh no, did I write that out loud? Every once in a while an opportunity comes along that we like to take advantage of, but it is not considered an excused absence. But it is a way of learning that they could never get in a classroom. The school system is practically begging parents to lie to them and I would prefer not to do that. Teachers and administrators are allowed personal days, why not the kids? Trust me, the teachers could use a few days off from some kids—not yours or mine, I’m sure, but you know how those neighbor kids are.

• • •

An unintended consequence of pulling up carpet and laying floor in the house is that our dog has no traction to stand up. When you add to it that he’s just plain old, it makes for a pitiful sight to see him attempt to stand up. We put a cushion on the floor thinking it would be easier for him to stand up on when he’s done napping, but he refuses to use it. When the cushion was on the love seat, he would find a way to get on it and snooze all day long. But now he won’t go anywhere near it. Weirdo.

• • •

After I took a bite out of particularly garlicky dish, the phone rang. As I answered, it suddenly occurred to me how fortunate we are that we can’t smell each other’s breath over the phone.

• • •

A couple of my favorite questions to date from my youngest are:

“Mommy, what do leprechauns smell like?” (There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for this particular question—she just asked it out of the blue.)

“Mommy, when you were young did you have to brush your teeth with a stick? Because that’s how they brushed teeth in the olden days.”

She seems offended when I can’t stop giggling.

• • •

Just wanted to take a little time off from being serious and having any kind of real point. Hope you have a great day.


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