Summer is Here

School is out and the kids’ summer has begun. Woo hoo! Give me another week, I may not feel so woo hooey, but so far, the season has started out well.

Through all the struggles and messes we’ve dealt with for the past few years, we’ve always somehow miraculously been able to eke out a membership to one of the local pools. Given our budget constraints, it may seem an irresponsible extravagance to some, but that pool is one of the things that has saved my sanity. Worth. every. penny.

The other day as I was poolside, lying the wrong direction on the lounge chair and basking in the sun, I found myself mumbling over and over, “Thank You Jesus. Thank You, thank You, thank You for making it so we could be members at the pool again this summer.”

There is just something about water and summery sun that is so very soothing to me. Work calms down a little bit during this time. I relax. I play. I breathe again. I just wish we could do something to keep the humidity at bay. Oh well, paradise is so hard to find.

This year, the youngest really, really, really wanted to be on the swim team. She wanted to be on the team last year, but we only had one car and circumstances didn’t allow us to get her to the practices. The older one asked if she haaaad to join the swim team too. “Yes, reluctant one, you have to, but I bet you will really like it.”

I am so proud of our youngest. When she first started, she couldn’t swim all the way across the narrower part of the pool. After two weeks of practice, she got in the lane in deeper water and managed to go the whole 25 meters. The kid has determination and is improving every week.

I’m proud of our older daughter too. She doesn’t like to do almost anything unless she knows she’s going to do it right and do it well, which is why I have to force her encourage her to try new things. Of course, our little perfectionist is doing quite well. Despite her initial reluctance, she is now plotting her swim world domination.

This week, tennis and swim lessons (free!) began and will run through the end of next week. The youngest takes tennis lessons (30 minutes), then both go to swim team practice (1 hour), have a short break and then take a swim lesson (35 minutes). In addition to all that, there’s a swim meet one night of the week and one on Saturday mornings.

Yes, I am trying to wear them out as much as possible. My plan is working…
on me.

Oh my gosh, I’m so sleepy, but in a more relaxed way, not in a I’m-so-stressed-have-you-done-your-homework/work-is-driving-me-crazy way. In addition, the “wear them out” plan is making strides in substantially reducing the amount of bickering I hear between the two of them. See? Worth every single penny. Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord.

The pool membership is one of those things where I can’t understand how the money has been available for us to pay for it. But somehow the money has been there when the time comes. I hope the trend continues, especially now that I have “Michaela” Phelps 1 & 2 on my hands—2020 Olympics here we come! 😉

It is so easy to feel abandoned and wanting when going through really trying and difficult times. However, while lying backwards on the lounge chair that day, I was able to see how God has provided for us in those times and in ways that I didn’t readily recognize. I wasn’t thanking Him only for the pool membership, but moments of His subtle intervention kept popping into my head and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. He has not only stepped into our need, but in moments when I have been close to losing all hope, He has provided surprising avenues of relief—and generously so.

Unfortunately, I am particularly dense in the trusting Him for provision of just about anything area and can’t quite remember His goodness when I’m under pressure. I have to learn the lesson over and over and over. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem He’s exasperated with me yet.

I hope you too have moments where you see how He has stepped into your life and met needs, and even wants, in surprising ways.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

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