Oh Boy…

Boys entered our little world this summer. Boys have always been around, don’t get me wrong, but they have always been friends, someone to hang with — not someone to, you know, liiike.

Even though I saw it coming a million miles away, I still somehow wasn’t ready for this turn of events. I mean, she actually likes that kid. What is going on? I totally see why he likes her, because in my completely unbiased, humble opinion, the girl is gorgeous… and smart… and funny. But when did she get old enough to like a boy back?

This summer apparently.

Since we weren’t really ready, the hubs and I were flying by the seat of our pants setting up parameters and putting in place safeguards we had only marginally talked with our girls about before. However, I do now understand the urge to go all out control freaky and lock her in a tower for a few years. That’s my daughter, my first born, the miracle I waited so long for. If you touch a hair on her head or harm her in any way, I will vanquish you to…

Uhhhh, sorry.  Ahem, where was I?

As I grapple with the fact that my girl is growing up and entering boy likes girl / girl likes boy world, I’m trying to straddle the line between this is perfectly normal, no big deal vs. she’s still so young and there’s so much she just doesn’t know, how do we protect her for as long as possible?

Listen, I swear to you that your father and I are not trying to ruin your life, but you need to take baby steps into this area of life. There are just some lessons in life you should never, ever have to learn. I cannot protect you if you don’t listen to me. Will you try to trust me enough to believe that I know some stuff that you don’t? Please hear my heart for you.

I assure her that I don’t think he’s a bad guy. He’s actually been very sweet to her. We tease her a little which she takes like a pro because she adamantly claims what we say and do is nothing compared to the grilling she got from her uncle. What I am most surprised by during this whole thing, other than the fact that we’re at this stage, is how strongly the protective side of me has emerged—probably more out of my experience in life than anything going on with them.

If I, a bumbling, imperfect human, can be so fiercely protective of my child and want nothing but good for her, how much more so the God of the universe for you? Is it possible the safeguards He set in place were not to drain all the fun out of life, but because He knows all the possible outcomes of every choice imaginable?

Can I urge you to sit back and take a long look at the creation around you. How could it be that Someone with such extraordinary imagination for such epic beauty would want to make your life miserable?

If He says no, do it this way not that, is it possible He knows what He’s talking about? Is it possible you have no idea what traps are set out for you, but He sees them all? Is it possible He asks you to trust Him because He loves you and doesn’t want the pain and gunk of this world to harm or destroy you?

Unfortunately suffering is inevitable, but is it possible that He would rather you experience more of the joy and wonder of life rather than a trail of heartache and ruin easily missed simply by listening to His heart of great love for you?

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 NLT

what do you think?

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